Custom Fitting

We have a state of the art FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor here at Prestwick St Nicholas! This is the most advanced teaching and fitting tool and is a great addition to the pro shop.

FlightScope Xi Tour is a big punch with all of the data parameters you need to accurately analyze every aspect of your golf game. The Xi Tour is known for its unmatched accuracy, affordability, and revolutionary apps. Side-by-side video and club or ball data comparison is available on the VX2 app and fully customizable assessments in the X2 Skills app for player benchmarking.

Our advanced ballistic flight analysis software displays the tracked golf ball throughout its entire rajectory including all golf swing data through and after impact.

If you want to improve your game then our Launch Monitor and Custom fitting lessons will suit you perfectly.

45 minute individual launch monitor lesson£35
Custom fitting session£35

Equipment plays such a massive part in the performance of each shot that you hit, hence why custom fitting is so important in improving your game.

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